this blog is about the return to painting after work and kids and how something that I dismissed as a teenager has grown into something that dictates my life! It has only become possible because of where I live now and the support of those around me , who have encouraged me to just get on with it and enjoy.

Groups like the Irish Countrywomans Association are not just about knitting and jam-making , they are also about women supporting each other to be the best they can be and giving encouragement to achieve it. I thank my Guild for this.

Some things come totally from the left field and stick. A neighbour of mine (a lady painter of some regard around these parts) were just chatting about painting when I mentioned that as a teen , if a painting started to go wrong I would walk away and it would never get retuned to.In fact it would be months between painting spats, even years.Her reply was that as a painter you needed disipline with yourself to finish what you have started. That simple sentence stuck and is what has helped break this barrier that has thwarted me in the past. I may need to step back from a piece for a while but now I dont give up on it.

Lastly but not least the is my family to thank. The kids who are easily impressed but not so chuffed about missing lunches and dinners as I get so deeply involved in the painting vibe, and my husband (who had seen my teens work and thought I was on a hiding to nothing-maturity does bring rewards as my paintings now are now on a much higher level), who had to convert a spare room to a studio and recons now that my paintings “have legs”?And of course my mother who is obviously biased and my biggest fan with her own portfolio of all my work that at any excuse she shows to any one that will look!

I firmly belive that every artist that shows their work on any forum becomes a muse for others,I know that ,that is the way it works for me and if in a slump, a stroll round someone elses exhibition can have me running forthe brushes again . So in a way we artists all support each other without knowing it and if someone asks me about painting ,I help them any way I can as I remember what it was like without all the support I have now.


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