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  My name is Pauline Sharp and I wanted a reference point for my paintings.Originally from the Sussex region of England, I’m now happily settled with my family in the beautiful Republic of Ireland.
There is a reason its called the Emerald Isle, all that green comes at the cost of the weather….rain and more rain but when the sun does come out the countryside is stunning.Sometimes its inspiration overload!
Plenty of personal space has led to a pet explosion and what was a spacious house shrinks when the pets want to spread themselves!
My painting is my secondary occupation to being ‘mum and wife’ and seems to take over , particularly when an exhibition is coming up but with help and support from friends and nieghbours the panic of these events are easing.I get embarrassed if I am in the limelight as an artist, I love my paintings to speak for me but I have also enjoyed being approached by other artists and swapping hints,tips and experiences that can encourage us to ‘keep at it’ .
I am not a self taught artist , I’m a self learning one with no formal training at all.Sometimes I think this means that I learn the hard way but then there can be so many suprises along the journey.Gallerys have dismissed me because I havent studied formally but I feel my pathway in art to be richer for all extremes I’ve worked through and have ahead.I work mainly in oils on canvas (although crafts can distract me at times) and some of the paintings are for sale and commissions are taken.

me with just some of the pets
me with just some of the pets

~ by pauline sharp on January 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “pauline sharps art”

  1. Congratulations on your lovely website. Keep up the work. You have such great talent.

  2. We were lucky to see your work in Ireland. Of course, the one piece that my husband and I both fell in love with was “Jake’s Ancestors”. If it had been for sale…, well enough said. The detail of your work is exquisite. We will visit this site often to see if there is another piece like that one.

  3. This is a link to a site that sells cards and prints of my work

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